Pom Pom Online Coaching Programs

Beautiful Mind Learning Studio is the primary country representative of B Star SDN. BHD. in Australia, as both companies share the same belief, vision and mission in virtual coaching sector. 

B Star's Pom Pom Online Coaching Programs are perfectly suited people who live in Australia, as the programs are innovative, customised and offer flexible timetables to suit almost every lifestyle and as a great supplement to anyone who wishes to improve their language skill, music skill and academic performance.

More information about B Star, please visit www.bstarglobal.com

Online Chinese & English Coaching Programs

Knowing Chinese (Mandarin) and English are getting more important as these two languages are spoken in more countries than any other language. They are now best described as “the language of opportunity” in today's environment and will give you the best return for your efforts. Below are some of the main benefits of learning these two languages:

  • Open up business opportunity
  • More job opportunity
  • Gives access to some of the world’s best universities
  • Easily travel anywhere in the world

Pom Pom Online Chinese & English Coaching Programs are easy to follow and effective way to learn Chinese  and English for both adults and children as this language coaching program does not have a fix curriculum, which provide the flexibility to customise to individual student's needs. The program also comes with ONE LESSON and TWO REVISION SESSIONS per week, allowing the students  to practise and fully understand what they were taught during the lesson. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. 

Music is a type of languages. It gives people a way to express and communicate how they feel inside. It is powerful as music helps us to find the words we can't say, bring people in our world together in many ways - It Is Truly An International Language!

Music should be a compulsory learning subject in our life。

Online Music Programs

Online Study Companion Program

Either you have no time for your children or they simply do not listen to you. This program will help guiding your children to complete homework on time. This involves time management and task planning.


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